"It's Been a Long Time in Coming"

The Experience

Billie has had experience in performing  against the backdrop of a wide variety of musical genres -  show tunes, pop, R&B, Gospel and most assuredly, Jazz -  but the root of what she projects can be found in her own version of  what she would call "Her Contemporary Jazz."

  Meet Billie Rose

The Journey

Billie originally embarked on this journey to fulfill her dream of sharing her passion with the world in 2009, and since that time she has ever so steadily and intentionally, continued to follow that star.

 A close friend of Billie's would say:

"I guess if one would say three qualities that stand out most about Billie they would be 1) she's a fighter, 2) she perseveres and 3) she's always hopeful."

The Hope

Seize the day - don't wait!  Today you'll find Billie performing and feverishly creating and writing songs - capturing opportunities to share her creations at private and public events - and when not engaged artistically, you'll find her "paying it forward" - she has a heart for people and remembering from whence she came.