Billie Rose

In the Fullness of Time

When most kids were listening to the latest of whatever was in at the time, you'd find Billie somewhere listening to some of her mom's old recordings by Ella Fitzgerald, Sarah Vaughn, Nancy Wilson, Nina Simone, Rosemary Clooney and of course Billie Holiday  - the ladies! 

I guess she was born with an old soul, but a forever young and vibrant love of music!

It's that rich soul and passion for music that transforms her audiences time and time again -  this is what makes her, her own,  "Billie Rose!"

Vintage Ladies

Billie Rose Jazz Vocalist

The igniting of Billie's passion for music and singing started early on -- from the crib!!  Her mom said " . . . she could talk and sing long before she could walk!"  The cultivation of her smooth and classy style had its beginning in church and school choirs, and "In the Fullness of Time" has evolved into its own "Uniquely Billie" genre!